General information

The dean's office is the “heart” of the educational and scientific institute of telecommunication systems, its control center. :)

The dean's office is designed to address current issues of the institute and most importantly to assist students in resolving any issues and coordination throughout the study.

The dean's office is headed by the Director of ER ITS - Academician of the NAS of Ukraine, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Prof. Ilchenko M.Yu., who organizes the work of the department and the management of educational, scientific, methodical and educational work of the institute in accordance with the Regulations of the institute, approved by the Academic Council of the University.

The dean's office consists of deputy directors and employees of departments of the institute, which are responsible for certain areas of organization of the educational process, educational, scientific, methodological and international work.




 "ITS dialog bot" for communication with the dean's office of the E&R ITS