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Application Development for Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing

The course is especially for students which are interested in mobile computing applications and their implementation. The course starts with an introduction also to new areas like Ambient Intelligence and Ubiqitous Computing, describes applications and gives an overview about the domain. After that, the next courses consider different functionalities such as networking aspects (different short and long range communication capabilities), and special mobile computing concepts such as disconnected and autonomous operation, mobile agents and context based adaptation. 

After that, different architectures for mobile distributed systems are discussed. Different options for implementing mobile systems, starting from communication, over local and distributed platforms (e.g. WAP, OSGi, J2ME, J2EE) until the implementation of graphical user interfaces are given in the implementation section of the course. Additional concepts such as mobile security, data synchronization, downsizing of applications to mobile devices, data synchronization methods, databases for mobile devices, location based services, Semantic Web and autonomous behaviour will be partly discussed in a separate section. Tools, environments, platforms and emulators are considered near the end of the course, as well as current international research and industrial projects will be presented.

Українська назваРозробка прикладних програм для мобільних систем і Повсюдні обчислення
Є обов'язковимНі
ВикладачDr.-Ing. Thomas Springer
Створено 05.06.2013 16:33
Змінено 01.09.2013 01:20
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